Head Office and Manufacturing Plants to be Relocated to Kobe Airport Island in Fall 2013

- Rationalize operations by strengthening and expanding wholesale business functions and consolidating manufacturing functions.

The project to construct the Kobe Headquarters (Head Office building and Engineering Laboratories) has been officially approved at the Katsuyama Group Board of Directors meeting.

Upon completion of this new Headquarters in October 2013, the current Head office will move from Osaka to Kobe, and the manufacturing functions of the two plants at Moriyama and Ako will be integrated into the new Engineering Laboratories.At the new Kobe Headquarters, we plan to further expand our core wholesale business globally, and we will streamline operations to meet today's distribution system needs by taking full advantage of the Headquarters' oceanfront location and the surrounding infrastructure. In the meantime, we will collaborate with overseas suppliers and build a structure to ensure a steady supply of high-quality material handling equipment in order to further improve and enhance our support system so that it will be safer for customers to use our products, including foreign made items. We continue to expand the scope of business as a machinery and tools trading company in order to support industrial field operations and other work sites in diverse industries all over the world.

By concentrating manufacturing bases in one location, we create a synergistic effect that propels the development of our areas of specialty: material handling technologies and conveying methods. Through unified and effective management of processes for manufacturing, inspection, verification, and technical support, we strive to maximize our unique strength as a global wholesale trading company with marketing and manufacturing functions.

When finalized, the details of our new organization, address, and operational start will be announced on our website.

Overview of KOBE Headquarters (Head Office building, Engineering Laboratories)


- Construction site address: 3, Kobe Airport, Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0048, Japan

(Total area: approx.17.600 m2 )

- Overview:
[Head Office building (approx. 3,893 m2)]

  • - Headquarters function (President's office, Corporate Planning, Business Management division)
  • - Wholesale Business (Wholesale operational management center, International Sales, Materials Handling Engineering sales, e-Business and wholesale business from Kobe and to the west )

[Engineering Laboratories (approx.13.600 m2)]

  • - Research, development, design, manufacture, distribution, and additional related services of material handling equipment for work at elevated locations, temporary suspended platforms, safety equipment, industrial transport equipment, machinery and appliances.
  • - Fully equipped with indoor/outdoor test tower, dynamic testing machine for 1,000-ton load, Amsler-type universal tester (tensile testing), 3D measurement machine, test road surface for airport ground support equipment, dynamic test laboratory for air skate systems, tester for continuous running of medium duty casters, other various inspection equipment, canning fabrication, and painting facilities.
- Estimated completion date: October 1, 2013
- Total cost: approx.4,000 million yen

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