Katsuyama Kikai’s original products play an active role in recovery after disaster.

Manual winches are stored in fire stations and are ready for use at any time.
The manual winch is widely used for rescue equipment. Fire departments all over Japan and local residents' association use the manual winch in their rescue equipment.
At the time of the disaster, the securing of a power source is difficult, but with a manual winch there is no need for a power source. The manual winch is small, compact, and does not require a power source. A worker can move the manual winch up, down, left, and right making it easy to rescue a human life and ensure safety.
Our products play an important role and make extensive contributions to society by assisting in reconstruction and human rescue following natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rain.

Examples:Accident and Disaster rescue operation
Raising fallen buildings and more