Be sincere in business, make steady progress.

Katsuyama Kikai is a machinery and tools wholesaler integrated with a manufacturing division with flexible engineering capabilities. The core competence of this unique organization is providing complete technology solutions for material handling needs worldwide. In addition to offering a variety of industrial machinery and machine tools, we have technologies that can meet any material handling challenges.

Katsuyama Syokai, the predecessor of Katsuyama Kikai, was founded in 1923 in Ginza, Kyobashi, Tokyo. In 1946, it opened a branch office in the flourishing commercial center of Osaka. It changed its name to Katsuyama Kikai, Ltd. when it was incorporated in 1961. Since our beginnings, our Japanese suppliers and their world-class technologies have helped Katsuyama Kikai stay close to customers as a wholesale trading company of machinery and tools under the corporate philosophy of "Be sincere in business, make steady progress."

Katsuyama Kikai, Ltd., which has advanced its business together with economic growth in Japan, focuses on material handling engineering, while also serving as a wholesale trading company. For instance, we started selling TIRFOR, a product that has become synonymous with manual endless winches, and we followed this by developing the EW-WINCH electric endless hoist. The technology of these products has gained worldwide attention by making it possible to lift objects over 200-m high at high rise construction sites. In addition to skyscraper construction sites around the world, the EW-WINCH is widely used for vertical material handling during maintenance operations on wind power systems, and for work on various types of special structures, such as the TOKYO SKYTREE. Our products are also utilized in rigging operations for lifting large lighting systems, sound equipment, and special trusses in concert halls and theaters.

In horizontal handling systems, our products play an active role in a variety of fields such as shipbuilding, automobile production, the moving of dolly equipment for space rocket assembly, jumbo jet assembly, ground support, the opening and closing of concrete doors of airplane hangars, and large-scale crash testing. In the field of bridge construction engineering in particular, we have an outstanding reputation not only in the moving of bridges but also in the construction of large roofs and renovation of cultural properties.

These are just a few examples of how Katsuyama Kikai offers customers a wide choice of material handling solutions for a broad range of applications. Our strength lies in our capability to deliver technology for vertical and horizontal material handling integrated with engineering and manufacturing capabilities. No single-function manufacturer has this same capability.

Katsuyama Kikai, Ltd. is celebrating its 90th year since its foundation in 1923 as Katsuyama Syokai. As well, nearly 70 years have passed since its incorporation. With a proven track record on projects around the world, we can truly say that "Landmark structures around the world are our business cards."

In today's tumultuous economy, we will continue to strive to overcome the challenges of moving things.
In 2012, TIR CORPORATION was merged with Katsuyama Kikai, Ltd. and reorganized as the Engineering Division. With our integrated wholesale business and manufacturing organization, we deliver time-tested engineering technologies and comprehensive solutions to meet a diverse range of customer needs globally. In 2013,our Headquarters was relocated to Kobe City, an international city in a wonderful location that is leafy and surrounded by the sea to consolidate all functions of the company. With our 70 years of experience, we can provide reliable solutions and technology to various sites in the world.
I look forward to conducting business that future generations around the world can be proud of.

KATSUYAMA KIKAI,LTD. President and CEO ,Goro Kimura